Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wine Bottle Project

 This project took a fun 7 weeks of our time....
First, we designed a label.
Then, made multiple versions of that label.
Thennn created a bottle from a photograph.
THEN with other filler things...finally got to do an "ad".
I enjoyed that last part.

There are more components to this project, but I am not proud of them...
and they can stay deep in my files of my computer. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digital Doodling

Digital favourite past time.

I really notice now, that working traditionally makes me think more when I put down strokes.
The teachers are getting to me..hahaha

Self Portrait

My self portrait that looks nothing like me!
I would like to redo this project one day, in pastel...
trying a different approach, this was to.."fluffy"

The Bermuda Triangle

Here is the Bermuda Triangle Project...
Why didn't anyone point this out to me!?


I'm a little addicted...but I haven't played in over a week now...busy with schoolwork.
Being a mage is awesome.

...and my attempt at painting my skyrim character. I'm going to try again...digitally.

Women in my sketchbook...

I draw way to many women. I need to expand my subject matter. Seriously. 

Metaphor Project

For this weird project, we had to choose a word. I chose love. 
Here are the four paintings for each letter. Lust, Obsession, Virgin, and Europe. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The creepy project...

For this was kinda creepy.

But it was a great into to ink for me!

The assignment: Draw a bug realistically in ink, Draw an abstract part of the bug, Draw the bug with alternative lines, and Draw the bug with non-traditional tools. 
I really enjoyed ink, and I hope I can work with it soon, maybe without bugs. 


I have not been on here in a while, but here is a project I completed in October 2011. 
The assignment was, incorporate the elements (fire, water, air, earth) into a decorative way. 

I did my 3 roughs, then an inked version, then went with that to acrylics. I'm really happy 
with the inked one. The painting...not so much!