Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wine Bottle Project

 This project took a fun 7 weeks of our time....
First, we designed a label.
Then, made multiple versions of that label.
Thennn created a bottle from a photograph.
THEN with other filler things...finally got to do an "ad".
I enjoyed that last part.

There are more components to this project, but I am not proud of them...
and they can stay deep in my files of my computer. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digital Doodling

Digital favourite past time.

I really notice now, that working traditionally makes me think more when I put down strokes.
The teachers are getting to me..hahaha

Self Portrait

My self portrait that looks nothing like me!
I would like to redo this project one day, in pastel...
trying a different approach, this was to.."fluffy"

The Bermuda Triangle

Here is the Bermuda Triangle Project...
Why didn't anyone point this out to me!?


I'm a little addicted...but I haven't played in over a week now...busy with schoolwork.
Being a mage is awesome.

...and my attempt at painting my skyrim character. I'm going to try again...digitally.

Women in my sketchbook...

I draw way to many women. I need to expand my subject matter. Seriously. 

Metaphor Project

For this weird project, we had to choose a word. I chose love. 
Here are the four paintings for each letter. Lust, Obsession, Virgin, and Europe. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The creepy project...

For this was kinda creepy.

But it was a great into to ink for me!

The assignment: Draw a bug realistically in ink, Draw an abstract part of the bug, Draw the bug with alternative lines, and Draw the bug with non-traditional tools. 
I really enjoyed ink, and I hope I can work with it soon, maybe without bugs. 


I have not been on here in a while, but here is a project I completed in October 2011. 
The assignment was, incorporate the elements (fire, water, air, earth) into a decorative way. 

I did my 3 roughs, then an inked version, then went with that to acrylics. I'm really happy 
with the inked one. The painting...not so much! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Post EVA

Alright. First post...

So I draw. I draw quite a bit actually. 
I enjoy it so much. Sure, making marks on a piece of paper and making it look like something is fun, but it isn't as fun as people's reactions. It's one of my favourite things, seeing how somebody reacts to my work. Especially when they laugh. Now, the drawing I posted may not be the greatest example to laugh at, but it is supposed to be a different type of reaction, and hopefully an emotional one. When someone reacts, I know that my message has gotten across. Whether it be that I was hungry or showing a story of love, it feels good to get a reaction. I want you to look at my drawing, and have your own reaction. What do you think their story is, judging by their feeling, body language or facial expressions?
Tell me, how do you react?