Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Well, we did it class of 2014 Sheridan Illustrators!

It's been a crazy four years. But even typing that seems so foreign. Four years at this institution...I still can't believe that it is over! I still remember the high school days so well. Researching all the art schools in my area, searching the internet for ANYTHING retaining to what a Sheridan portfolio looks like, and emailing grads asking questions. That being said, if any future illustrators/animators/designers want to email me with questions about the school, classes or what post-grad life is like so far, please don't hesitate to send me an email. I'd like to pass on information, as those before me did. 

I get a lot of the same questions now that I am finished. "Does it feel good to be finished?" "What are you going to do now? "What did you graduate with again?" Of course it feels good to be finished. After that grad show, the feeling was similar to running a race. Where you can see the finish line in the distance, but your too busy telling yourself to keep moving. So having sometime to catch my breath was very rewarding. As for the second question, I have found a full-time contract job as a media assistant. It isn't quite the illustration field, but to be honest I'm quite happy with it regardless. I still have opportunities to be creative, to design and problem solve visually. I would still love to kickstart illustrating on the side soon, because I will start to miss it soon. The last question is a bit of a joke. I'm sure I could get this backed up from other grads. But people out in the real world don't understand what illustration is. It's always fun explaining to to others ;)

To wrap things up, I still can't believe I'm finished at Sheridan. I don't feel like an adult yet like I thought I would feel...then again I'm not sure I'll ever feel like that!