Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Post EVA

Alright. First post...

So I draw. I draw quite a bit actually. 
I enjoy it so much. Sure, making marks on a piece of paper and making it look like something is fun, but it isn't as fun as people's reactions. It's one of my favourite things, seeing how somebody reacts to my work. Especially when they laugh. Now, the drawing I posted may not be the greatest example to laugh at, but it is supposed to be a different type of reaction, and hopefully an emotional one. When someone reacts, I know that my message has gotten across. Whether it be that I was hungry or showing a story of love, it feels good to get a reaction. I want you to look at my drawing, and have your own reaction. What do you think their story is, judging by their feeling, body language or facial expressions?
Tell me, how do you react?

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