Thursday, January 26, 2012

Projects so far..

Whoa, school is really crazy right now. BUT WHY. It is only 3 weeks in, I excepted this later in the semester. Now I'm scared for the rest of the semester. 

So the projects on the run at the moment:

Paint a "mural for a theme park" - Media Class
Paint a interior space - Painting
Colour Study of Set Drawing- Core Concepts
Make a Diorama (Oh no)- Core Concepts
Analysis on a Myth and a dream- Mythology 
Loop animations- Computers

Crazy eh?

So here is what I have to show so far.

Colour Study: Hunchback of Notre Dame

Finished "mural" :D I'm actually super happy with this one...I don't think I've gotten that feeling for a while...or at least since I started this program hahaha.

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